Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Peachers!

What are you up to for it? We had a smashing Halloween party last weekend (which I still feel like I'm paying for!) and a house full of zombies, mummies, chucky's and generally bizarre looking folk helped us get our ghoul on till the wee small hours.

 Me and the Mr decided to go as the twins from the shining (we look so alike don't you think?!) but in general it is always Halloween in our house with these two rascals running around!

And I'll leave you with a blast from the past - this was the first EVER EVER single I bought on cd, like even before I have my own CD player and had to play it on the desk-sized hi-fi stack system in the front room! Oh the hours of fun we had jumping around to this! What was your first single?

The Little Peach xx

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