Friday, 21 September 2012

The wonderful SAROY!

I'm only just getting updated to a bit of a summer round up (nooooooo why did the summer not arrive and is now gone so sooooooon! ARGH! darn and blast English summers!) and a smashing day we got treated to this summer was the marriage of the good friends of ours - Sarah and Roy.
Now I have a lot to thank Sarah and Roy for as it is through these mutual friends and one Glaswegian Halloween party that I have meeting Mr Phil to thank. And it is up to bonnie Scotland that we traveled for the wedding of the year.

The wedding ceremony was set at Sarah's family home near Kinross, in a breathtaking converted barn built by her late father. It was a such a lovely setting that you can see why Scottish law allows you to marry in any place you'd like - England marriage laws mean you have to wed in only specific venues (how rubbish!)
The Barn itself was stunning, filled to the brim with hand carved wooden details (Sarah's father was a wood carver and carpenter) and I loved the informal atmosphere they created - even the close family were in pride of place on the family's sofas.

The ceremony was a humanist service, something I haven't come across before but that really struck a cord with me. The lady conducting the ceremony could have been a member of their family listening to how heartfelt the words were. A real eye opener.

Sarah looked beyond gorgeous in her adapted vintage dress and Roy, ever the dapper gentleman complimented her perfectly. The bridesmaids wore striking turquoise strapless dresses, including a very pregnant (but still tiny) Tie, one of my oldest friends.

Just some of the amazing wooden details in their house - hand carved Walrus and Carpenter banister ends!

On we went after the ceremony, a short bus ride away to Cleish village hall, a surprisingly modern space that still kept it's rural charm. Decorated with a good dose of bunting and a special banner made just for SAROY!

The decor was just beautiful, and my favourite bit was the assorted vintage salt and pepper shakers on each table - ours were these little cuties...

On we jived into the night and even met this little Olympic gymnastic hopeful - just look at the concentration!

 What a truly wonderful day it was! So a big thank you to Sarah and Roy (and families) for making it so special!

So as a present to the happy munchkins I decided to make them their very own little plate, featuring them on one of their most treasured holidays to Sothwold...

You can see the famous beach huts and lighthouse of Southwold in the background and down on the beach Sarah and Roy are enjoying a bottle of fizz along with their vintage styled picnic...

I even decided to put a little decal with a message on the back, something that I am happy to offer in any custom orders!

And here is the sketch that it came from...

 ...I love looking back and seeing how the sketch has turned out and thought you might like to see!

I'm more than happy to design custom plates for wedding presents if you have any friends getting married, just £45.

Hope you have enjoyed this look back as much as we enjoyed being there!

The Little Peach xxx

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  1. What a most perfect day that was, warm fuzzy memories!

    Um, SAROY PLATE LOVE! Had only heard about it, design exceeds expectations - amazing gift (puts our Teasmaid to shame!)

    You're now my one stop shop for weddings and babies!