Thursday, 20 September 2012

You've got a lot on your (lovely) plate!

Recently I have been asked (or asked myself) to produce some plates with custom designs and have had a thoroughly enjoyable time bringing these ideas to life. Here is the first one I've made, a custom baby birth plate for a little lovely called Joey.

The plate was ordered and designed even before little Joey arrived on this earth and I was given some specific ideas to include - the parents wonderful menagerie of animals!

First up was Poppy the black lurcher puppy with a whole heap of energy, and here he is carrying the baby's name banner. There's some poppies in the background to reflect him too.

The parents have a mini farm going on at their house, including 3 Aylesbury ducks who are apparently inseparable from each other - always doing the same things together, including bathing themselves in their very own paddling pool!

 The final animals to be included are 2 chickens who are called Robin and Percy after the Arsenal footballer Robin van Persie - here they are having a kick about in their red football strips!

 So recently the little one was born and I could finish the design with his details and get it sent off to the unsuspecting parents. The feedback was really humbling, apparently they said they would 'treasure it forever' what a lovely thought!

So thanks so much to (grandma) Liz for deciding to order with me and helping me get the best composition too.

Do get in contact if you can think of a custom design you might like, I can design an original plate for you for £45.

The Little Peach xx

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