Thursday, 16 August 2012

Playing at Illustrator

Yesterday I got lost down the rabbit hole that often happens when I ask the question 'hmmm I wonder how you do that in Illustrator?'

I didn't study Illustration at University, instead going for the widest umbrella possible aka 'Fine Art' where we were basically left to our own devices and could come up with any old crap work we liked.

Looking back now I can see that studying Illustration would have been a much better option for me, as most of what I came up with during those years was illustration. I used to draw and paint images all over furniture, walls, paper...anything I could get my hands on really. The tutors would always squawk 'but what does it mean' and I would always default with 'but I just like the way it looks'. I still have that mantra to be honest. and all its adventures is for another day, back with the story...

So yes, as a self-taught illustrator I have learnt most design packages on a 'I-need-to-know-that-bit-right-now' basis. I'm pretty good at Photoshop (although new things making themselves apparent to me and I'm suddenly like 'AH MAN...why did I not know that sooner?!) and in the last year or so have mastered more of Illustrator.

I always start my drawings by sketching them out with a pencil (there is no substitute for a trusty HB) then usually develop and split them into their colours for printing like this too. Photoshop and Illustrator are mainly a means-to-an-end tidy up and to make them super black for exposing.

Well yesterday I set myself the task of drawing it completely on Illustrator and after so internet tutorial trawling (I love you internet) here is the result...

A snowy house! What do you think?

Underneath is the original sketch, it's for a super exciting charity print that I'm been working on recently, I'll share more details when I can.

I don't think I'll ever stop drawing the way I always do, as I think it's important to actually make a touched-by-me mark on your work, but working this way will be helpful, especially when splitting the colours down for printing - see how easy it is?

...and Purple!

I'd also definitely recommend checking out to anyone wanting to teach themselves any package. They have 1000's of step by step video tutorials, laid out in series such as 'The basics of Web Design on Dreamweaver' or 'How to draw in Illustrator' It costs a monthly subscription but it's well worth it.

The Little Peach xx

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