Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hello Sausage!

Happy Sunday Sausage morning to you out there in Blog world! Have you had a nice weekend so far? I'll show you some pictures of my recent moments in a minute but first I'd love to introduce to you and explain the story behind the first of my new prints - Mr Hello Sausage!

When I was little, we'd go to my wonderful Nan's house a lot and this particularly fetching little fella would always be one of my most favourite things to play with. He's a Daschund draft excluder! And now that we have inherited him he now keeps the kitties company in the front room of our house...

I decided to celebrate the little fella by importalising him in his very own print, and a lovely spangly orange one at that!

 It's printed in 3 colours - light and dark chocolate and a brilliant blue on a vintage toned orange paper and even has the same collar as my beloved woof!

We just sent our first ever print (of this doggie) to America! I can only imagine all the amazing things he will see on his travels and the life that he will be living out there! Hopefully we will start to get some pictures of where these little guys end up, it's always exciting to see!

Most of my prints come signed and dated with a little stamp on the back (I always try to, but sometimes if the paper is white it shows through, so I leave it out in those cases!) so you know that yours is truly unique!
You can buy this little fella, amongst the other new prints from my Website, Folksy Shop or Etsy Shop :)

My weekend has been pretty relaxed really (after the madness of doing a market last weekend!)
I have been meaning to buy some foam from our bench seat for, hmmm just about 6 months(!) and have finally got round to doing it!
When we redecorated the kitchen we decided that a long thin dining table would be best to fit the space, and knew that a bench seat along the biggest wall would be great for accommodating those extra guests we love to invite. However, looking around for benches, church pews or generally a long seat, we realised that they are all quite pricey and we had to think of a way round it.
So a bit of ingenious thinking later we decided to get this Expedit storage unit from Ikea, turn it on it's side, and simply use it as a bench...BOOM! Plus it was only about £40 - that's a bit more like it!

I'm sure it won't last the life of a purpose built bench but it's mainly mini people that sit on it and another great thing is it already has built in storage that you can buy boxes for.
I'm pretty chuffed with my first attempt at sewing a boxed cushion - it was quite tricky! And plus the material was a bargainous £4 set of 1980's curtains from a charity shop. God I love a bargain!

What have you been up to this weekend? Anything swish? I'm just about to put a favorite Sunday lunch of Pork in Cider and Apples in the oven before popping over to Most Marvelous in Northampton for a Sunday browse!

Hope the sun is shining where you are,
The Little Peach xx

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