Saturday, 14 July 2012

Good Morning Guardian!

Well...what a day! After an early morning check of my website counter I quickly realised there was something afoot...50 hits by 7.20am?! And coming from the Guardian website?!
A dash to the shop down the road in my pj's confirmed it - I've been featured in the blinkin' Guardian Weekend Magazine!
I'm over the moon and thought it was about time I spread the love and have a give away!'s what you have to do my little peaches:
1. Head over to The Little Peach Facebook Page and give that little 'LIKE' button a press
2. Leave a comment on my page telling me which is your favourite print
3. If you are already a liker (yay!) then just leave a comment as per step 2.

Then once the clicker *dingdingdingdingdings* at 100 likers, 150 likkers and 200 likkkers I'll pick out a winner at random and give that person their favourite print! MEOW!

***PLUS - share this give away with your friends on facebook/blog/twitter (or anywhere else in the ether) and if you win, I will send you TWO PRINTS! ***

And here's a little reminder of the prints on offer in case you need to jog your memory:

  I hope you're having the most fantabulous weekend wherever you are, and you have some chocolate nearby. Mr Phil has just been to Scotland on a stag do and he brought me back a shed load of Tunnocks mmmmmmmmm

The Little Peach xx


  1. Just 'liked' you. These prints are beautiful. You are very talented. I think I would like the marching band or the moon if I got picked. Pick me!

  2. ahh so sad I missed out on this giveaway! Your work is beautiful (and I recognise you from the Gaurdian!) xx

  3. Ahh thanks guys!

    I'm still running the competition on my facebook - so make sure to like and will be announcing a winner every 50 likes I get :)

    Cirque Du Bebe - I've read your wonderful blog before, was lead to it from my sister, and was inspired to buy a peter pan necklace after seeing how pretty it looked on you :)

    Tigerlilly - Thank you! I have been an admirer of you're photos and blog too from instagram :)