Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Daddy Day!

My dad LOVES his motorhome, in fact him and his wife have taken in recent years to practically living most of the year round in it. They set off southwards after the weather has started to improve a bit at the beginning of the year and tootle along till the land runs out. And who can blame them with the weather in Britain living up to it's usual reputation (I mean it feels like September outside and it's bloomin' June for flips sake!
He's been in Portugal for quite a while now but has recently set off to bring the home on wheels back to England, last seen somewhere near Biarritz in France (I'm not jealous at all!) so for today's Father Day, and as I'm pretty sure the postman can't keep up with him, I have made him this little animated gif, Happy Father's Day Dad!

And as I said, as the weather's so pants and we have 2 Dads here to celebrate (Mr Phil and GGG - Grumpy Grandad Graham!) I have a shoulder of pork sizzling away - it's had 3 our it's 6 hour roast YUM!

Hope you have a great Father's Day wherever you are :)

The Little Peach xx

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