Saturday, 16 June 2012

Talk to the Hand

Ahh, lying in bed on a Saturday morning, refusing to get up or dressed and catching up with iplayer, there's nothing better is there?

Just watched this wonderfully moving documentary about Ventriloquism - Nina Conti learnt her trade from mentor Ken Campbell and after his death she takes his bereaved puppets on their a pilgrimage to their final resting place - to talking dummy heaven.

You can catch up with it if you'd like, it's on the BBC iplayer here

Watching it also reminded me of another puppet-related documentary I'm super excited to see - Being Elmo which has just got a bi pre-order on Amazon from me :) There's just something about really strong human emotions coming from a non-human object that gets me every's like I see things clearer that way. I guess it's the same feeling I get when I've drawn something, like a rawness that is easier to read.

I will get up at some point though I promise, although the British weather isn't helping the motivation! I'm really excited/nervous about my first Little Peach market next week - The Designer/Makers at Spitalfields! I've got some brand new prints to launch there as well as the first set, and some new baby plates too. Do come along if you're in London :)

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