Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flippin' Curious!

Hello Tuesday!

How are you this fine evening? Finally the sun has come to play again today, and I have been printing which makes me huphuphuphappy! Since investing in my very own exposure machine a couple of weeks back I have been having a few issues with achieving the best quality screens. The emulsion I've bought doesn't seem to want to set properly and although I anticipated a healthy amount of trial and error, after 10 failed screens I was missing actually printing.

I have another lot of emulsion on order (fingers crossed that it was just a bad batch setting me back) and have made the pilgrimage to Leicester print workshop to expose my screens for now so all is good - busy for this weekend's Designer Makers Market, but good!

Another wonderful adventure we've begun on today is that we are now stocked though the appropriately gorgeously named 'The Curious Pancake' 

Their motto is to be the 'Purveyors of the finest illustrated gifts and oddities' and man are we chuffed to be one of those oddities!
Claire from the Pancake has been so lovely and encouraging to deal with and it seems our paths crossed at the right time as she has just launched a print section in her triffik' shop.

You can buy 'La Luna' from right here alongside superb prints from the pug-tastic Gemma Correll (a one time seller at my own market a few years back!) and Amy Walters - love the brew inspired love!

Do check out their other products too...I have had my eye on these fold-up-able mustache man cards for a while, how excited would you be if this landed on your doormat?!

The Little Peach xx

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