Sunday, 22 April 2012

All the single ladies (all the single ladies)

While others are doing fairly mediocre things (like running marathons and the like) in the last 24 hrs hours I have: been on a log flume, cleaned out the outhouse and gone to the tip with the results, watched BOTH tv talent shows, cleaned and hoovered out my car (for the first time since I bought it two years ago) listed a load of stuff on ebay (that has also been waiting for the best part of two years) and taught two children how to do the beyonce left hand flick a la 'single ladies'

 I mean, who doesn't like shooting things to make really naff things happen?
 Sir Duckington cares not for his broken wing, but only for your slush puppy.

 Mr Phil's homemade Scotch Eggs, I mean WOAH!

Is it wrong that more like a Grandad he looks, the more I fancy him?

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