Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunny news on a rainy day :)

We are also SUPER thrilled to announce that we will be selling our printed wares at the Designers Makers Market on June 23rd :)

The market takes place at The Old Spitalfields Market which is a stones throw from my old neighbourhood in East London, and a really awesome place to spend a Saturday with lots of boutique shops and small food outlets.

Designers Makers is a 'not for profit Agency for contemporary Design & Craft within the UK. An essential resource to help create a strong supportive community for freelance practitioners of Design and Craft within the UK. Providing information on professional development opportunities and multiple marketing and selling opportunities for our members; our aim is to make a valuable and comprehensive resource for the industry.'

They have been running markets all over the shop for a while now along with other stupendous and interactive artfun days:

The markets will be happening every third Saturday of the month till Chrimbo and you can visit their Website or Tumblr for more information.

I think I'd better get printing (like I ever needed convincing!)


  1. Hi Sally, I've passed a Sunshine award your way, love your new prints!!

  2. Ahh what Sunny news! What do I do now?!

  3. Have a look at my post

    - you can send the sunshine to five more blogs and then answer a few questions on your blog!