Friday, 4 May 2012

Setting the Moon Balloon Free

Good afternoon print fellows, are you well today? I do hope so. All is good at Peach HQ, Bruce Springsteen 'Dancing in the Dark' is on the radio, Daisy is practicing for the Olympics around the living room and I have my scruffs on ready for an afternoon of printing, life is good*.

First off, the poster above is for a open show I'm in that has just opened (it opened last night) in the very open and openly lovely Alfred East Art Gallery in Kettering. It's the very first exhibition I have been involved in with my prints so it was very exciting to see people scratching their chins whilst looking at the hyper-modern-artistic-commentary that is always at the epicenter of my prints.

Doesn't this man look puzzled?!

The exhibition is the best of work by local artists, and I'm very honoured to be grouped with some other smashing work. People make the nicest things don't they?

The exhibition is open till 9th June and you can buybuybuy all the work, so if you're in the area why not take a picnic and make a day of it? The Mayor of Kettering was so overcome by looking at my work he nearly fell over (and lightning bolt over here caught it on camera)

At school I have been designing some help sheets to try and encourage the students to run with their creativity (apparently showing that you are interested in ANYTHING these days is almost unforgivable act for modern teenagers) Here are the sketches for the booklet.

One thing that DID excite the students at school was this little fella, who hung out on the edge (of life) for nearly 6 hours (I'm not joking) what a mental bastard.

And last but definitely not least in Friday's exciting news is that I'm now being sold though superduper sellers of home ware treasures Folly! They have 'La Luna', 'You're the Best', and 'Diamond Maj' up on their site, which makes me very proud as there are some very talented peeps to be smuggled amongst. Go visit them!

 ...and LOOK what turned up today - my very own exposure machine (which is busting to get out of it's bubble wrap and get helping me printing!) but he will have to wait as I have a very lovely client's wedding stationery to print in this magnificent blue...

Hope you all have a splendid Bank Holiday (hooray for lazy banks!) We're off to see my sister, have you got anything special planned?

The Little Peach xx

*apart from the letter 'g' is stickin on my computer so if I sound like I'm tryin to be all street by leaving the 'g's' off my words - don't jude me!

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