Wednesday, 11 April 2012

All I see is you...

Hello there my lovely print loving lovelies! Have you had a nice Easter? We hope the bunnies stopped at your house and left some chocolate goodness!

We had a rather smashing break away in France, and I will blog about that shortly...but first I'm excited to let you know that there are two new, lovingly hand printed images in the shop :) (you can also buy through Folksy and Etsy if you prefer!)

The first is another night time/sky time theme (I think I'm a little obsessed with the sky) and shows this little chap longing for his beau, who he is so in love with he sees her everywhere! Here she is spelled out in the stars above.

The image is printed in a lusciously deep and vibrant purple which really pops again the soft white. The card is a 100% recycled board and each one is signed and editioned with a Little Peach stamp on the back.

I really enjoy printing on this recycled card, and working out how to incorporate the brown tones into the image...think I might try printing on different colours more often!

 From the original sketch for this piece.

 (taken with instagram, follow me - @thelittlepeach1 )

I'm really loving being able to print at home in the outhouse (although sometimes it get a little short on space and I have prints drying in every available nook) I currently expose my screens at Leicester Print Workshop, a brilliant studio that I love visiting and printing in. The only problem being that it is a little too far away to always be convenient. I'm hoping to get my own exposure machine very soon (and a drying rack!) so that I can be a self-sufficient printing monster!

Although, I'm not sure we need another monster around here!...


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