Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dun, dundun dun duuurrrrr (this is supposed to be a fanfare)

Here at Peach Towers we have been busybusybusying ourselves over the printing table, designing and pulling our first ever range of edition prints, for your home, your friend, your cat or your baby!

The first four prints are now available in our online shop where you can peruse the virtual aisles to your hearts content!

The first of our 100% British Beef handmade prints takes up on a journey to the (nearby) stars with 9 snapshots of our shiny moon, aka 'La Luna'

Printed on 100% Recycled 300gsm board with soft white and midnight blue inks, each one is signed by moi and numbered (this first edition is of just 40) It's A4 in size so would look like AMAZING in any room or office or car.

The second print is either a really lovely gift for someone you think is rather cool, OR a wonderfully egotistical motto to look at before you leave the house every day. WINS!
It's on 8" x 10"  super swish Somerset printmaking paper which is slightly textured and in a soft white.

The next print is a diamondly topical (and always brills) Queen herself (or we like to call her 'Diamond Maj')
I thought she only deserved the best so decided to print one of the colours in PURE GOLD*, The other colours are blue and red, which coincidentally are the colours most associated with the Royal clan.

* Real Gold may actually just be gold acrylic

Lana Del Ray may be all 'uuhh woe is me, we were born to die' but not these chaps, they are BORN TO RIDE! Joly in their pink and blue I'll bet they'd cheer you up if it was raining out.


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