Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Take Good Care of Yourself!

The second new print to find it's way into the shop, shop, shops is this sweet thought.

Spring seems like the perfect time to dust off those proverbial cobwebs and stretch out the soul!

 And this happy little peach is doing just that! I'm not sure that they'd be classed as actual real Ohnmmmmm Yogi bear Yoga poses, but she sure is having a go!

The print is hand pulled in charcoal black and soft white on my very favourite 100% recycled ecoboard, which each print signed and editioned on the front.

Here are some photos of the process...

The original drawings to make the screen from!

The white has been printed and dryed

Really to pull through the second colour

The apprentice looks on quizically

Second coat done and drying on my amazing and innovative drying friend - Mr Slinky!

Next to print...Batman!

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