Friday, 11 November 2011

Belle! Belle!

I am over-the-moon to have not one....but two blog feature posts already!
And in the spirit of shouting about those you think are bloomin' talented, let me also introduce you to them!

The first one is from someone who has been supportive of my ventures since I set up a sweet shop in front of Ello'ello' wonderful sister Mrs Biddle...

In the last post I went into a bit more detail about what a special little peach she is, you can read it HERE

The second of these two northern lasses is someone I have known for *counts on fingers* 15 years! (wow, I hadn't even realised it had been that long!)
Debbie is an amazing soul who comes from the next town on from where I grew up, and even though we lost contact for a bit (man, thank god for Facebook!) we have been conversing in the past few years about all things creative and making your way in this world. It just so happen's that Debbie's brother was my very first proper boyfriend...just think what might have been!

Debbie has been writing two prolifically gorgeous blogs in the past few years, about - love and babies!

Belle Amour has everything for the bride that is looking for a creative and handmade feel to her big day, lots of lovely artistic ideas and romantic settings, a real encyclopedia of style.
Debbie is currently studying a wedding planners course in Canada and I just know she will use all her wonderful skills in becoming one of the most sought-after planners around.
Did I mention she's also a pretty nifty photographer...

The second charming blog by Miss Slater is Belle Bebes, a funky look at some baby and child products, projects and ideas that will have you getting you broody if you don't already have little ones or just wanting the kids stuff for yourself (like me!)

So do keep updated with these two little gems, I think they are just wonderful!

The Little Peach xx

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