Thursday, 10 November 2011

Awesomeness comes in the form of a Big Sister

I have a sister and she is quite literally made of awesome, I think you might like her so here is an introduction.
My Sister aka Mrs Biddle is a wonder of creativity and has been since me (Little Peach) and her (Big Peach - although also little peach, she is diddy you see) were little. It's no surprise she turned out to thrive at being a theatre director, I was bossed into many a supporting role as a mini me (I was in it for the comedy value you see)

Mrs Biddle writes a fantastic blog that has just recently celebrated it's 1st Birthday, and apart from being able to keep pictorial dibbs on her and her beautiful family's explorations in and around their new home of Bath, it makes for a super read on all things vintage, crafty and well...things that are just beautiful.

 She has great recommendations of some pretty amazing places to go - Me and Mr Phil took up her advice on one particular Flea Market in Shepton Mallet and got lost. It was mega.

She is also a prolific crafty maker (well as much as one can be when a baby in the shape of a lion arrives) and makes the best cushions from vintage material and delicate handkerchiefs.

 Mrs Biddle became Mrs Biddle when she married Mr Biddle (I know, how bizarre!) and what a wedding it was. As London residents at the time, they got married in their back yard (Southwark Catherdral) and held the reception just down the River (Thames) at Wilton's Music Hall 

I got to be bridesmaid in a snazzy 50's style halter neck dress and even got to do some twirling. 
I know!
I helped out the directions for the big day by drawing a little love map...

(the wedding looked EXACTLY like this image above)

Mrs Biddle has also been diversifying her crafty skills by making some threaded versions of my illustrations, which made me smile tons...
Isn't she amazing?!

But, the most wonderful thing that I haven't mentioned about my sister yet is just how incredible a sister she is. I find her totally inspirational - for everything she has achieved in her career, for how natural a mother I knew she'd always be; and how much she has supported me and my career over the years. I hope I'll make her proud with this little venture!

So, do check out her blog - Mrs Biddle's Bits and Bobbins
She also has a super baby blog named after a very special new man in her life. It has super modern and interesting posts on baby fashion, food and experiences. There's even some tutorials to make your own bibs! Albert and the Lion

Families are great aren't they?!

The Little Peach xx

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  1. You make me proud no matter what Little Peach. And it's pretty easy being an awesome sister when you have an awesome sister. Love you Peach xx