Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Photographic Introduction to the life of The Little Peach (thus far.....)

I am The Little Peach -  The Little Peach is me, so who is The Little Peach? Well let's have a little see...

The Little Peach began her life on a lovely tree situated in the North of England, in a very rainy and windy place called Darwen - a place crowned with it's very own tower!

  Momma and Poppa Peach gave The Little Peach a name and that name was Sally Leach (what a rhyming convenience!) and away she began her early days, mainly in bunk-beds and dens, alongside another little girl - The Big Peach, Amy.

It didn't take long for The Little Peach to discover her love for all things creative and although she occasionally misunderstood the correct use of poster paint, she was glad of this early encouragement.

Several years later, and a move to the creative big smoke, The Little Peach found herself studying a degree in Fine Art at the university of Kingston. It was here that she discovered her passion for reflecting the world around her, specifically in the form of drawing.

Always liking to keep the art cosy, The Little Peach drew on everything she could - the walls, the floor, the picture frames and the lamps, and she was even lucky enough to install her magically drawn Nan's front room at a super gallery in London (you can read all about that bit HERE)

After that people began asking The Little Peach to come and draw lots of different things for them. Everything from pictures for books, logos for their companies, posters for advertisements and all sorts of wonderful characters - which Little Peach loved the best!

 They even asked her to come and doodle straight onto the walls!

 The Little Peach set up a Website ( and Blog to record all of her doodling adventures.

One Hallows eve, after several exciting years living in London, The Little Peach met a wonderful man known as Mr Phil who lived in a sleepy beautiful nook of the Midlands called Rothwell, and after a whirlwind romance he asked her to move in to his house on wheels...

...he had some of Little Peach's favourite things:

...a madder than a cat in a hat cat - Daisy...

...a trampoline...

...and a mutant vegetable patch.

Mr Phil also had 2 wonderful little peaches of his own, namely a Miss Izzie...

and little miss Elouise...

So in Little Peach moved, another cat called Harvey Milk was adopted and happiness filled up her little heart.

Not long after this, a beautiful and treasured old friend came to ask The Little Peach if she'd help her design some invitations for her forthcoming wedding day, and of course the Little Peach jumped at the chance!

The Little Peach decided to hand screen print the custom-drawn invitations and had so much fun doing it and so many wonderful compliments on the designs, she decided to set herself up with her own screen printing studio in the outhouse at Mr Phil's cottage.

And it's from this happy little studio that she is writing to you today, currently getting sample packs ready to send out to other couples who might want her to draw them into their very own unique invitations.

 There is nothing The Little Peach loves more than capturing the characters and happiness of couples in her drawings and can't wait to help others bring this joy to their guests. There will be the option to have a completely from-scratch design or choose from a series of beautiful backgrounds; fully customisable colours and fonts, as well as a range of extra special bits and bobbins to make your invitations just perfect.

I can't wait to draw your love story :)

The Little Peach xx

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  1. Loooove the Little Peach! Best Peach there ever was :)