Thursday, 1 November 2012

Inspired: Peter P. Plasencia

 Those who know me will know about my since-child fascination with all things Space, my La Luna print is a small nod to that (and be sure there will be lots more where that little sputnik came from!) so when I came across the magic drawings of Peter P. Plasencia, I was instantly drawn in.

Not only is his use of scale phenomenal, he has also had some space inspired themes to work with. These gouache monochrome illustrations run alongside a book about Jules Verne (swoon) called 'The Man Who Invented the Future' by Franz Born. It's the life story of the man credited as being the first writer of science fiction. He's also someone I'm been fascinated with since I went on Space Mountain with my Mum at Disneyland Paris aged 10. That stiflingly hot summer we queued up for that ride, which was originally called 'De la Terre à la Lune' (perhaps that's where I got the inspiration for La Luna from!) for what seemed like many hours, but the wait wasn't too bad as the design of the queuing areas were so fascinating.

Peter P. Plasencia also worked on another astronomic delight called 'The Space Alphabet' by Irene Zacks. I'm really in love with the muted colour palette, don't you think it's beautiful?

I love how you can see how the old printing techniques, although restrictive in one way, ultimately led to such an inventiveness in style and form.

TLP xx

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