Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Discovering The Little Peach!

So, we had an awesome time meeting lots of brides (and the occasional, slightly overwhelmed groom!) at our first wedding Fair this weekend. 
Hosted by Vintage gurus Discover at the impressively classic Chiswick Town Hall it was really well organised and busybusybusy all day.

After spending the past couple of weeks getting the display how I wanted it to look it was really good to see everything together looking smart (our house has been stacked with piles of invites and printing samples!)

And after the doors opened it was a good fun 5 hours of talking to people about what The Little Peach is all about! Mr Phil was a super great at helping me get across all my ideas, sometimes it's good to have a fresh pair of eyes! (he was even battling through a cold bless him)

I tried to display everything to be as straight forward as possible and it seemed to draw lots of positive attention. I was unsure about booking in to the wedding fair to begin with to be honest, it's a lot to afford when you're starting a business alongside getting all with all the other costs, but I'm really chuffed I did it - it was great to get out and talk to people about what the passion behind this business is. 

I took lots of samples and examples of the extra customisable options you can add to the invites, as well as a screen and some inks to explain how the process works.

 I even got some of the logos and banner printed big to show off The Little Peach!

All in all a really positive day :)

The Little Peach xx


  1. Oh the stand looks AMAZING. Well done you. xxx

  2. Very professional & very attractive. You deserve to succeed. xxx