Wednesday, 31 August 2011

From the first daub of ink

Well hello there! Welcome to this...the first post of this journal; a journal of The Little Peach. Written for the love of print, for the love of family, for the love of beauty and creativity and for, well, the love of love.
This blog will become home to the thoughts, inspirations and processes of me, Sally Leach, as I set out in a quest to bring happiness to people celebrating important days in their lives, through my custom illustrated, screen printed wedding stationery.

And these paper products are lovingly created close to the heart, so close in fact that I have set up a printing parlour in the outhouse of my home. The humble beginnings of which are shown in the image above. I have a printing-height printing table (constructed from an ikea table top and 2 book shelves) a growing collection of printing inks, and washing machine and tumble dryer (in case things get messy) and a blue pipe that pumps atmosphere straight from button moon. No seriously.  

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